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Dear friends,
We have some great news for all of you very keen sportspeople, and for those of you who simply like the thrill of doing something fun for a good cause: Natalia is going to be running the Paris half marathon again on the 6th march 2011, after the success of last year's! We are therefore looking to create a fun NHF team of runners to take part with her and raise some funds for the Naked Heart Foundation (last year we raised an impressive 45,000 euros!!) To date, there are still 5000 places left (and they are going very fast!!!) for 45 euros a place. If you are interested in running it, then please sign up on the official website as soon as possible - we wouldn't like you to miss the opportunity! http://www.semideparis.com/2011/index_us.html As for the fundraising efforts - we strongly encourage you to create a Justgiving page - either a personal one or teaming up with some friends, as our great website team Kin did last year (and raised well over 1,000 euros) - the Naked Heart Foundation already has a Justgiving page, and if you search for us at: http://www.justgiving.com/nakedheart , you can create a page linked to ours. It's very simple and straightforward! A lot of people usually put the link to their Justgiving page on the signature of their emails so that as many of their friends, colleagues and contacts know they are running! Once you have signed up, please let me know at: hony@nakedheart.org , and I will add you to the list of those running I hope lots of you will want to get involved - places are running out fast, so sign up sign up!!
Kind regards,
Honesty Pern
The Naked Heart Foundation


March 2012

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