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Loveball 2010

Dear Friends,

This winter has been a very busy time for the Foundation, due to our Love Ball on the 23rd February. It was a fantastic evening, and very heart-warming for me to see so many friendly faces. One of the highlights was Yusuf Islam's performance of "Where do the children play", a song that has been an inspiration to me along the way of founding Naked Heart. We raised a fabulous £1.1 million in total, thanks to everybody's generosity during our live and silent auctions, and to our wonderful sponsors. This will enable us to continue with our important work of bringing play facilities to Russia. Our building season is starting this spring, and we have a very healthy budget with which to plan it!

This year, we will also be building three play parks in deprived areas of London, Liverpool and Glasgow, which is something new and exciting, as it is the first time we build play facilities outside of Russia. Play is something necessary to children wherever they live, and I'm very happy to be able to bring something to the children in the United Kingdom as well.

I hope you enjoy reading about our other stories in this newsletter, and would like to thank you all from my heart for your on-going support of the Naked Heart Foundation. You can see a short video of the Love Ball if you follow the link under the picture opposite.

Sincerely yours,

Natalia Vodianova

Love Ball Video >>
Naked Heart's Work: Natalia's Account

We are glad to be able to share this newly completed video with you, thanks to our invaluable camera crew, Darren Bull and Andrea Tennant. It was filmed during the opening of several play parks in Siberia in autumn 2009, and it was shown to the guests of the Love Ball on the 23rd February. The video gives a very personal account of what has driven Natalia in her wish to bring play to children all over Russia, and conveys a taste of the joys that Naked Heart Foundation’s play parks bring to the children that use them. We sincerely hope that, with this short film, you will get a strong sense of the impact of our play parks, and of Natalia’s work throughout Russia.

Watch Video >>
 Naked Heart's Work: Natalia's Account 

Paris Semi-Marathon

On the 7th March 2010 a team of friends and supporters of the Naked Heart Foundation participated in the Paris semi-marathon, in another very successful effort in fundraising! The bright sunshine and crisp parisian air saw Natalia Vodianova and a group of nearly 20 runners finish this exciting run through the streets of the capital with very honorable timings!

Thanks to friends of our runners, sponsors, and supporters.

 Paris Semi Marathon 


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